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For the past years of 2019 , 2020 , and now 2021 , we have been reviewed by more than 1000 verified buyers on yelp and trust pilot. These are customers who have bought weed online from us . We delivered their orders without any hurdles . We understand that sometimes your order might not make it to the final destination due to unforeseen circumstances . Nevertheless , We offer you a 100% full refund within a 30 days period of placing your order.

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All our marijuana is sourced from our farmers who follow strict guidelines to ensure maximum quality . There is no pesticides or contaminants in our marijuana for sale. It is very safe for consumption and for treatment.

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How To Buy Weed Online – Is It Safe Buy Medical marijuana Online ?

Online Kush Store does not share your data with any third party . We collect only information needed to ship your order safely . Online Kush Store is the most trusted weed dispensary to buy marijuana online . We have a team of well learned professional working for us . Buy weed online is the best place to get all your marijuana strains.

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We keep your packages safe and discreet , vacuum sealed until it arrives at your address. All our customer data is encrypted using 256 byte encryption and erased totally from our servers when a transaction is complete . No sharing of data with any third parties.

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Request for for a refund by emailing us at info@onlinekushstore.com . This should be done within 30 days of placing your order ,and  if you are not satisfied with the weed you got or with any other delay you might have encountered .

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This should not come as a surprise we have been in this industry for over 5 years . We have the right breeders and farmers who work continuously to provide you with the best medical and recreational marijuana .

Customer Reviews and testimonials

Buying weed online has never been easy for me . OnlineKushStore support staff really help me get onboard very fast. I am from an illegal state of North Carolina . I got my medical marijuana in the mail in 3 days. My pains are now under control.

Rose / Patient

I know its not easy to get  a reliable weed dispensary online . From my experiences buying weed online , i got ripped off multiple times but onlinekushstore delivered my order in 72 hours in the mail.

Smith / Verified buyer

OnlinKushStore is the best legit online dispensary you can trust. I ordered a quarter  pound of GSC  from them  and it was delivered by mail 3 days later . The quality of the marijuana is also very good . I look forward to ordering more from these guys.

Joana / patient

I was almost giving up on buying weed online . I had been scammed several times  but then i got a recommendation from a friends who is cancer patient. She told me she ordered all her weed online from OnlineKushstore . I gave them a trial order and am now a repeat customer.

Lili200 / Customer

I would have given you a 5 star rating if not for the 24 hours delay . the quality of the marijuana is top-notch. I very much appreciate that. Thanks once again for the quick and fast reply.

Stone / Verified buyer

I love your GSC weed strain. The weed is of very high quality and i must say i love it.

Franck / Verified Buyer

420 mail order USA

How to buy weed online

To begin , browse through our entire site . Secondly , search for the marijuana strains you would like to order . Thirdly , add the product to your cart . Lastly , go to the checkout page  , fill in the required information and place your order . Our support staff will respond to you immediately your order is received.

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We would deliver your order after 72 hours . We provide you only with high quality marijuana strains from sativa , indica , and hybrid.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about how to buy medical marijuana online

Can i buy weed online without a medical card?

If you are from a legal state , you do not need to own a medical card before you buy weed online . Nevertheless , We offer medical & recreational marijuana to all 50 states . We believe and understand the seriousness of weed availability .

can your dispensary ship out of state ?

OnlineKushStore is a legit dispensary located in Denver , Colorado and shipping to OHIO , North Carolina , Philadelphia , Texas and all 50 states. Moreover , you do no need a medical card to order medical marijuana with us. 

How can i trust your online dispenary?

Our Online weed dispensary is here to serve you in the best way we can. We have a dedicated team of weed lovers who are passionate with helping you choose the best weed online from our online  dispensary . We are most trusted online dispensary in Denver Colorado because we deliver fast and swiftly . We package and ship within 24 hours . Delivery is done with 48-72 hours . If we cannot package your order and ship within 24 hours , you get a refund. 

Buying weed online is never easy but We make it stress free and simple . buy weed online cheap with us , we have 10% OFF discounts available for all our customers .


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