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Buy weed online from Online Kush Store  a Legit online dispensary shipping  worldwide ,safe and secured . Our legit marijuana is of the highest quality in terms of THC and CBD in the perfect combination of 20%THC and 0.01%CBD. We ship our weed discreetly and safely by 420 mail order . You can buy weed online with us without a medical card and get delivery within 48 hours . Buy weed online with us no matter where you are located  . We do delivery discreetly to all 50 states , UK , Europe , Australia , Asia and worldwide. If you are looking for a legit  dispensary to buy weed online , from anywhere in the world and have it shipped discreetly to you , you are in the right place . Our legit marijuana is cheap and affordable with free shipping for orders above $500 to any country and continent.

Is it safe to Buy weed online?

It is not only safe to buy weed online , but it is also very convenient and easy. You can chose from our many available strains and pick out the weed you like without leaving your home.

You might be asking why should I buy weed online  from online Kush store instead of going to a local dispensary ? . The answer is very simple and straightforward. Below are some of the many reasons why our customers find our online dispensary reliable, fast and secure which is the best choice for a discreet patient or any other customer.

  • Many strains to chose from our online weed dispensary .
  • You get 420 mail delivery right at your doorstep .
  • Buy weed without a medical card .
  • High THC in all our marijuana strains .
  • legit online dispensaries ship all 50 states

Why you should buy weed online with us

safe & secured

We keep your packages safe and discreet , vacuum sealed until it arrives at your address. All our customer data is encrypted using 256 byte encryption and erased totally from our servers when a transaction is complete . No sharing of data with any third parties.

100% money back guarantee

Request for for a refund by emailing us at info@onlinekushstore.com . This should be done within 30 days of placing your order ,and  if you are not satisfied with the weed you got or with any other delay you might have encountered .

Top Quality Weed

This should not come as a surprise we have been in this industry for over 5 years . We have the right breeders and farmers who work continuously to provide you with the best medical and recreational marijuana .

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How to buy weed online from onlinekushstore.com cheap and legit marijuana

Please   follow the  simple three step process below used by our customers to buy weed online from our weed dispensary successfully .

  1. Search for the weed you want from our homepage and shop page.
  2. Add the marijuana to cart .
  3. Go-to to checkout  and enter your billing and  shipping information then place your order.

As soon as our staff receive your order , It will be processed and when completed, your weed online will be shipped to you by 420 mail order safely.

Online Kush Store weed dispensary is the best online dispensary due to our fastness and discreetness of package delivery.

colorado dispensary shipping worldwide

We are a Colorado dispensary located in Denver shipping worldwide . You buy weed online with us cheap and pay with PayPal . Online Kush Store is your most trusted online dispensary . We ship using the fastest delivery method which is 420 mail order . We are one of the only few dispensaries that ship to pa and all 50 states and worldwide . 

What exactly happens after you buy marijuana online from our dispensary.  

Here is a simple timeline of how you get weed online from us .

  1. Select the cannabis products you like and add to cart.
  2. chose how you want to make payment ( We accept Paypal and bitcoin with other discreet payment methods).
  3. once payment is complete , We package your order and ship immediately. If we are unable to ship within 24 hours of receiving your order, you get a refund.


online dispensary shipping worldwide reviews

Our customers keep sending amazing reviews of the quality marijuana strains we deliver to them to our email . Please if you are happy with the marijuana you are getting from us , Please send a review to info@onlinekushstore.com . We are always happy to hear from you. We are more than just a dispensary , We are a movement that seeks to get marijuana to the population that needs it no matter where in the world they are situated. We got you covered. Marijuana has been proven to help treat mental disorders , severe pains , and cancers . Medical marijuana patients who need marijuana supplies are sometimes unable to get them due to poor regulations and limited supply Online Kush Store is here to make sure marijuana is available for recreational as well as medical use.

Frequently asked questions about buying weed online cheap and legit from Online Kush Store

What is 420 mail order worldwide

420 mail order worldwide is the fastest shipping used to deliver marijuana to any part of the Globe . We always use 420 mail order for customers in USA and worldwide to deliver within a 72 hours period.

can your dispensary ship out of state ?

The answer to this is a big yes. Our online Dispensary can ship out of state. We ship out of state by 420 mail order . Online Kush Store has mastered its routes and methods of delivering fast and secure. We deliver even to states without proper cannabis legislation  in place.

How can i trust your online dispenary?

Our Online weed dispensary is here to serve you in the best way we can. We have a dedicated team of weed lovers who are passionate with helping you choose the best weed online from our online  dispensary . We are most trusted online dispensary in Denver Colorado because we deliver fast and swiftly . We package and ship within 24 hours . Delivery is done with 48-72 hours . If we cannot package your order and ship within 24 hours , you get a refund. 

Buying weed online is never easy but We make it stress free and simple . buy weed online cheap with us , we have 10% OFF discounts available for all our customers .

In conclusion Online Kush Store is the best place to buy weed online . we are a legit online dispensary shipping worldwide with discreet shipping usa/worldwide.