Customer Reviews

I have always loved runtz and you guys just made me love it more thanks for the fast delivery

TBoy50 / Texas,USA

Well tried with THC on point definitely ordering more next time

Smith / Denver,USA

Great smell and great high, love that strain!. runtz weed strain till the end

Kieve / Toronto,Canada

With so many fakes out there i was feeling reluctant ordering but now am happy i did. The pink runtz has an amazing flavor and high THC which knocked me out seriously.

Frack2 / New York,USA

I requested for a refund the first time i ordered because of the delay in getting my order but the second time was smooth and delivery was fast enough which i got in 24 hours

James23 / Las Vegas,USA

Runtz is dope weed. Jah man is flexing big time with each package

RasforJah420 / Los Angeles,USA

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