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The flowers of Cannabis sativa are unisexual and the plants are usually either male or female. [3] It is a short-lived flowering plant with stamina (male) plants usually taller and less robust than pistillate (female or male) plants. [4] The flowers of the female plant are arranged in racemes and may produce hundreds of seeds. Male plants shed their pollen and died a few weeks before the seed was ripened on the female plants. Under typical conditions with a light period of 12 to 14 hours, both sexes are produced in equal numbers due to heritable X and Y chromosomes. [5] Although genetic factors make it possible for a plant to become male or female, environmental factors, including the diurnal light cycle, may alter sexual expression. [6] Natural monoecious plants, both male and female, are either sterile or fertile, but artificially induced hermaphrodites may have fully functional reproductive organs. “Feminized” seed sold by many commercial seed suppliers is derived from artificially “hermaphroditic” females lacking a male gene, or by treating plants with hormones or silver thiosulphate. legit online dispensary shipping worldwide fast and secure.